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Our Services

Our Services

The expedited truck market demands capacity coupled with capability, experience, and flexibility.

CTS Xpress meets these demands with a dedicated fleet of tractor-trailers, straight trucks and cargo vans.  Our state of the art technology tracks each shipment and proactively alerts our customer service team on the status of your shipment. Additionally, at your option, our technology systems will send automated shipment status updates to individuals of your choice, using automated email.

To further enhance our capacity, CTS Xpress has developed alliances with expedited carriers across North America. Each carrier is pre-qualified and approved to meet our exacting service standards. At CTS Xpress we can track and trace a fleet of over 2,500 expedited trucks.

Our combination of in-house truck capacity and our partner carriers provides CTS Xpress access to over 10,000 tractor-trailers, straight trucks and cargo vans positioned to meet the needs of our customer's expedited truck freight service requirements.

CTS Xpress is a licensed truckload transportation broker with established relationships with over 200 truckload carriers and thousands of available units. Our truckload carriers are carefully screened to meet our quality and service expectations before we call upon them to handle any shipment. Our proactive carrier management approach provides impressive capacity, ensures quality performance and meets our commitment to quality for any time critical truckload shipment.

A critical component to expedited solutions includes the ability to transport freight using multiple resources for air freight services. Our company has longstanding relationships with air cargo and passenger airlines to provide our customer service teams with a wide range of alternatives for scheduling and capacity options at competitive prices.

  • Same Day Service
  • Next AM Service
  • Next Day Service
  • Second Day Service
  • 3-5 Day Service
  • Scheduled Delayed Service

Our technology systems will track your air cargo shipment and provide our customer service teams required information to monitor your air freight shipment. Our tracking systems and proactive approach to customer service provides you with scheduled updates about the location and status of your freight. These systems also provide CTS Xpress customer service teams the tools to keep your shipment on schedule and to provide real time communications with our customers.

An important but often overlooked element in an air freight company is that air freight shipping is in the first and last mile of the shipment. CTS Xpress has over 300 pick-up and delivery agents throughout the world who specialize in handling air freight deliveries providing us door to door control of your critical air freight shipments.

We have the capability and experience to handle any type of air freight shipment, from over-the-counter same day shipments, to large bulk items that require transit via cargo aircraft. If your freight destination is across the United States or around the world, we have the solution.

International expedited transportation is a global requirement.

CTSX has an international transportation service network that allows our customer service teams to service your international freight shipments around the globe. Our international transportation services include ocean, air and ground capabilities. So, if your time critical shipment needs to arrive tomorrow, next week or next month, CTSX can support your international transportation needs.

On the Water

CTSX has an extensive global network ready to handle all of your international ocean shipping needs. We handle your ocean shipping requirements door to door to destinations around the globe.

Through the Air

CTSX has established relationships with international cargo and passenger airlines servicing locations around the globe. Additionally, we have developed an extensive global agency network that can effectively manage your international air freight shipments from airport to airport or door to door.

On the Ground

Our expedited trucks move critical shipments into and out of Canada with the same level of service and confidence as our domestic service. Wherever you require an expedited truck, in the United States or Canada, CTSX is prepared to service your expedited truck shipping requirements.

Other Assistance

Our experienced customer service staff can assist you with questions regarding letters of credit, bank documentation and customs brokerage. Call our professional customer service teams for all of your international shipping requirements.

Some critical air freight shipments cannot wait for the next scheduled flight. A chartered aircraft often is the difference between a costly shutdown and uninterrupted production. CTS Xpress utilizes air charter services as part of our solution methodology when it is certain that this is the only method of transport that will meet your critical delivery times.

 Our customer service teams match your critical freight shipment to the aircraft that best meets your charter aircraft service requirements and minimizes costs.

CTS Xpress extensive network of pick-up and delivery agents allows our customer service teams to maximize the efficiency of our air charter services and ensures ALL available airports are considered for effective door to door execution of your air charter freight shipments.

Trade shows or special events require time critical planning and flawless execution - your sales and marketing teams rely on the timely delivery of trade show booths and products. Our trade show customer service professionals are the best in the business. To insure your trade show or special event experience is productive, and provides a positive image of your sales and marketing teams, call our trade show and special event professionals for personalized and professional care.

Continuous Communication

Our 24/7 customer service hours ensure your daytime, evening and weekend deliveries are managed and monitored seven days a week 24 hours a day, and we communicate directly with designated customer contacts should a problem occur in the execution of your shipment.

Personal Customer Service Assistant

Your personal customer service assistant knows who you are, the shows you attend and your service requirements. Our trade show and special event customer service assistants provide unparalleled customer satisfaction.

Show Schedule Management

Our trade show and special event customers are provided a written quote for all of your trade show or special event requirements. Our personalized customer assistants will support your needs from one show or an entire show tour and we provide in-transit storage services anywhere in the country.

Pre-Cut Waybills and Labels

Your trade show and special event shipping documentation for in and out moves is completed and delivered to you via next day air and before your shipment leaves your dock.

Pre-Show Confirmation and Verification

CTS Xpress trade show and special event customers receive a service confirmation via fax or e-mail verifying your order has been received and your freight is set up for delivery. Your confirmation will list pertinent information of your freight shipment including pieces, weight, and any special move in or move out dates. With our proactive trade show and special event confirmation and verification documents you can be confident you and your CTS Xpress customer service assistant have communicated clearly your trade show or special event requirements.